Nickel is mainly used on M.S for corrosion protection and for attractive appearence. It is a best under coat for silver, gold, brass finish. Nickel plating can be done on Zinc & Zinc die castings, copper & copper alloys, aluminium & aluminium die castings with an under coat of copper.

Nickel has no resistance to corrosion, wear , abrasion, ductility, good hardness, soliderabilty, best bonding with the base material.

Highly suitable for exterior applications. It has impressive appearence and aesthetic appeal mainly used in automobile industry, textile, toys and computer industries.


The main feature of electroless nickel plating is that being a chemical diping process, the deposition is absolutely uniform, and the dimension of components can be maintained within a close tolerance of 1 to 2 micron hence no need to carryout machining or grinding operations. Plating can be successfully acheived highly recessed areas such as deep bores, grooves and blind cavities, unlike in any conventional electrochemical process such as hard chrome plating.


Zinc plating is the most common and economical type of plating. Zinc plating is a soft, protective by nature, decorative, ductile, marginally solderable and also serves as an effective undercoat for paints. It is sacrificial coating, so that part does not corrode. Zinc plating is available in clear, yellow, black and olive green. Trivalent chromate passivations are available if requested .


Cadmium plating is superior to zinc in corrosion protection. It is especially good in marine and salt environments. Cadmium plating has a silvery white appearance, depending on the way cadmium has been plated on the material. It is available in clear and yellow.


Copper is a soft metal with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and provides good solderability. Copper is plated for use in industrial and decorative applications. It is also used to mask off areas of steel components in the case hardening process. Best under coat for better adhesion and brightness on case hardened steel, nitrided components, alloy steels, cast iron etc.,


We are doing two types of silver plating. One is to enhance electrical contact and the other is decorative plating for teapots, cutlery, etc. Silver plating is widely used on electrical and electronic components such as switch gear and panel boards because of its superior conductivity and longevity compared to copper and brass.


Tin has almost as good conductivity and solderability as like silver and a best corrosion and tarnish resistance. It is also used in food industry due to its non-toxic nature.


It is a top coat on nickel plated components for decorative purpose in the field of hardware, sanitary ware and toys etc.,

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